Montag, 20 August 2018
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UAE: Dubai Association Centre Growth Accelerates With 38% Increase in Registrations

Dubai Association Centre has today announced rapid growth in registrations of international associations in the first half of 2018. Established in 2014 as a joint initiative between the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) and Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), the Centre now has a total of 58 licensed associations, with 16 registrations received since the start of the year, reflecting a growth of 38%. Newly registered associations include: Energy Institute, Arab Association of Urology, International Coach Federation, Gulf Flight Safety Association, and the International Live Events Association.

The substantial increase this year comes on the back of the inaugural Dubai Association Conference, which took place in December 2017. The event offered a vital platform for networking and knowledge-sharing, in an effort to further boost progression across industries, bringing together association executives, government representatives, university faculties and students, as well as professionals who were interested in forming associations.

Dubai Association Centre, since its establishment, has evolved to become a gateway for international associations that are looking to tap into the rapidly transforming city as well as the Middle East region. Associations have recognised the value of a stronger presence in the region, and Dubai has emerged as the destination of choice to set up regional headquarters. International associations stand to benefit from the innumerable opportunities the city has to offer, as well as from the growth mindset that Dubai embodies.

The expanding presence of associations in Dubai demonstrates the high calibre of business leaders and industry experts who reside in the city. There is also an increasing interest from local trade professionals to become part of international associations, or form local ones, and play a part in overall industry progression. This interest was recognised at the first-ever Dubai Association Conference held from 11-12 December 2017. The Conference laid a strong foundation to attracting a solid network of international associations that support in achieving the nation’s vision – to become the most innovative country, not just in the region, but globally.

Associations play a vital role in attracting business events to Dubai, something which will come into focus when Dubai hosts the 57th edition of the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) Congress, from 11-14 November 2018. The congress is set to bring together meeting planners and industry professionals from all around the world, creating a platform for knowledge and business exchange as well as networking opportunities.

The Dubai Association Centre was established in response to the surge in the demand for association engagement in the UAE and the Middle East. It offers assistance for apolitical and non-religious professional associations as well as trade bodies who are looking to set up representative offices or chapters in Dubai. Local trade practitioners from common industries or professionals can also form member-based associations through the Centre. Its main objective is to become a platform for dialogue and education for associations interested in exploring opportunities in the Middle East Region and to ultimately contribute to building an association community that drives the knowledge economy in the United Arab Emirates and the wider Arabian Peninsula.


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Sweden: The start-up, CarbonCloud, is being awarded a grant by the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre

The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre is awarding a grant to CarbonCloud for their innovation, CarbonAte, which enables restaurants to calculate the climate impact of their food. The grant is SEK 100,000 (approximately EUR 10,000), and a part of the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre’s 100-year anniversary celebration. The aim of the grant is to foster the meetings and hospitality industry.

The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre looked for a candidate who is developing an idea or innovation which, for example, increases competitiveness or improves the revenue or cost side. CarbonCloud is being awarded the grant in recognition for the fact that their service has a positive impact on climate and profitability, while making things easier for chefs and cooks within the food sector, and through that the revenue of the meetings and hospitality industry.

“In our view, CarbonAte has fantastic potential. It is an innovation in which digitalisation and sustainability go hand in hand, and which creates an aid which benefits the environment and restaurants, as well as individual guests and visitors. Sustainability is an important area for our operation. It’s in all of our thinking, both as a meeting place and the workplace”, says Carin Kindbom, President and CEO of the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre Group.

CarbonCloud started as an idea developed from a research project at Chalmers University of Technology, which has now taken off. With David Bryngelsson - CEO and co-founder - in the team, the research revolved around the climate issue, and what can be done about it, focusing on the food sector.

“What we eat plays a major role in the climate issue, as research in the area has shown, but we discovered that the people who take decisions about food were not aware of that. Our climate labelling service makes things clearer for both chefs and restaurant guests and has been received with real enthusiasm. The grant from the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre is very gratifying and valuable for us as a newly-established company”, says David Bryngelsson, CEO of CarbonCloud.

CarbonCloud and their climate-labelling service, CarbonAte, is helping restaurants to calculate the climate impact of every ingredient used in their food preparation, and gives the consumer a clear climate calculation for every dish presented on the menu. In March, CarbonAte began collaborating with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), which has launched the One Planet Plate concept. One part of this collaboration consists of the development and design of the Food Calculator, which makes it possible for private individuals to calculate the climate impact of various types of ingredients.

The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre has been committed to sustainability for many years, as a natural part of its overall operation. The restaurants are no exception, and their own restaurant, West Coast with its chef Johan Lilja (image), is now the first to test CarbonAte.

As a foundation, the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre does not have individual owners or investors and is financially independent. This also means that all profits are invested in the operation in the long term, focusing largely on sustainable profitability.


Australia: Darwin Convention Centre Celebrates 10 Years and is a Finalists in the AIPC Apex Awards

The Darwin Convention Centre marked a milestone on the 18th of June as it celebrated its 10th anniversary.

A combination of international, national, and regional conferences held at the Convention Centre from July to November attracted a record number of 9,000 delegates, Harvey Lister, Chairman and CEO of AEG Ogden, Geoff Donaghy, Director of Convention Centres of AEG Ogden and Janet Hamilton, General Manager of Darwin Convention Centre celebrated the milestone with an event recognising the partnership between global venue manager AEG Ogden, Honeywell, AMP Capital and the NT Government Darwin Waterfront Corporation as well as the organisations and individuals who have had an impact over the past ten years.

The centre - officially opened in June 2008 - injects millions of dollars a year into the economy and the centre has hosted some of the Northern Territory’s biggest events from international and national conferences attended by thousands of delegates to bull riding championships, from charity fundraising balls to rock concerts. Guests have included dignitaries as diverse as the Dalai Lama and Chinese president Xi Jinping.

In the past 10 years, events held at the centre have attracted national and international delegates to Darwin generating more than $350 million in delegate spend and also broader economic benefits in the local economy. This includes increased business for hotels, restaurants and tourism operators in the region. The centre hosts hundreds of events a year, including an increasing number of major national and international conferences.

Beyond the economic benefit, conferences attract the best people in their field to meet in Darwin. Darwin Convention Centre General Manager, Janet Hamilton said the importance of sharing knowledge and supporting innovative thinking are key outcomes we want all conferences to be able to achieve. Darwin provides a great opportunity to escape from daily routines and experience a new destination that is not only rich in culture but important in the development of many key industry sectors.

Over 680,000 people have attended events at the Darwin Convention Centre since the doors opened 10 years ago. “It’s been a fantastic 10 years,” said Janet Hamilton. “All of the employees who have worked at the centre over the last ten years have worked very hard to create a world-class convention centre and to maintain the highest standards.”

The hard work has paid off

The Darwin Convention Centre has been confirmed as one of 20 finalists in the 2018 edition of the globally recognised AIPC Apex Award competition for “Best Client Rated Convention Centre”. This prestigious Award, which has been maintained by the International Association of Convention Centre (AIPC) for over 20 years, owes its prominence to the fact that competitors are rated entirely on the basis of client ratings as assessed by the global market research company Ipsos.

AIPC President Aloysius Arlando noted that for 2018 Ipsos has surveyed over 1843 client references put forward by participating centres – a significant sample that illustrates the comprehensive nature of client polling. “This means that we are talking about a very strong basis for the evaluation of competitors, and again, the reason for the credibility of this award. The final determination of the Apex Award winner will be made in advance of its presentation at the 2018 AIPC Annual Conference in London in early July.


New Zealand: International business events enrich the country

International business events will deliver over $400 million to the New Zealand economy* and provide the opportunity to showcase New Zealand’s cutting-edge research and hospitality on the world stage.

The events will benefit a range of regions across the country and give Kiwis access to global knowledge and research and provide the opportunity to promote our considerable home-grown expertise.

In the past year Tourism New Zealand has helped to secure over $86 million worth of business events.

Tourism New Zealand’s Chief Executive Stephen England-Hall says the business events sector is important because it holds significant potential to spread the benefits of tourism throughout the year and across the country.

“The 40 international conferences and 47 incentive programmes won in the past year have been secured for destinations across New Zealand. This is an excellent result and means the benefits will be spread far and wide, including into neighbouring regions. The expert knowledge the conference delegates contribute to our local industries can help them grow and improve, making them high-value visitors we want to continue to attract.
An example of this is the crisis information management conference coming to Wellington in November. Exposing our local experts to cutting-edge research and world’s best practice in this field will help improve the way New Zealand responds in the face of a crisis or natural disaster and enables our local experts to contribute their substantial expertise.”

Tourism New Zealand is launching new campaign material in July 2018 to support the organisation’s continued work in this sector.

“Our latest campaign approach continues to put New Zealand forward as the best destination choice for business events, and is supported by our world-class infrastructure, people, natural environment and pre and post business event opportunities,” says Stephen.

The campaign has evolved over five years to showcase different aspects of the New Zealand experience to international organisations considering bringing their conference or incentive here.

The new content launching in July will primarily be targeted at an Australian audience, but will also be promoted globally.

*Conference and incentive business bid for and won over the past five years.


Asia-Pacific: New air services agreement boosts ties between Australia and India

Australia and India have agreed open capacity between the major airports in the countries.

The liberalised air services arrangements are an important step for the Australia-India bilateral relationship, providing Australian businesses the opportunity to access a rapidly growing market. As an island nation Australia relies on international aviation to facilitate tourism, trade and maintain people-to-people links necessary for business growth. The Turnbull Coalition Government has agreed to significantly open aviation arrangements with the world's fastest growing major economy.

The recently settled Australia-India air services arrangements enable Australian airlines to operate unlimited services between Australia and the six major metropolitan airports in India and for Indian airlines to operate unlimited services between India and six airports in Australia.

These air services arrangements provide a foundation for airlines to increase direct flights between Australia and India, in line with the growing scale and profile of the Indian market over the long term.

India is currently our seventh most valuable international tourism market with 302,200 visitors contributing $1.43 billion to the Australian economy in 2017. This valuable market continues to grow and it is estimated that by 2026-27 Australia will welcome more than 640,000 Indians to our shores. This new aviation agreement ensures we have capacity to facilitate this outstanding growth.

Two way trade between Australia and India already sits at $27.4 billion worth of goods and services, making India our fifth largest trading partner. The opportunity for increased freight and cargo enables our exporters to continue to grow this important market.

Liberal code share arrangements are already in place, enabling Australian and Indian airlines to service destinations directly or through hub countries, allowing them to take full advantage of cooperative arrangements with their commercial alliance partners.


This is an exciting time for Australia's tourism and aviation industries, and we look forward to working closely with the Indian Government to further strengthen the ties between our great nations.