Samstag, 14 Dezember 2019
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Japan Destination Update

Hiroshima’s Venue Hotlist

Hiroshima Convention & Visitors Bureau highlights special unique venues!

1. Hiroshima Museum of Art

Enjoy a courtyard party, while appreciating the museum’s excellent collection of French modern paintings, including works by Monet and Renoir.

2. Cruise ship Ginga, “Galaxy”

A cruise party to enjoy the scenic beauty of Seto Inland Sea and the Itsukushima Shrine lit up in the evening.

3. Takanobashi Shopping Arcade

The Takanobashi Shopping Arcade in downtown Hiroshima allows visitors to shop, eat and interact with locals in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Takanobashi can host street party-style dinners complete with specially arranged cultural performance and food stalls.

4. Hiroshima Orizuru Tower

It recently opened on 23rd September 2016. 
Located just below the iconic Atomic Dome, Hiroshima Orizuru Tower features the orizuru (paper crane), the symbol of world peace Hiroshima seeks to realize. Hosting a party on the top and the 12th floors with a panoramic view across the city will make your event truly memorable.

Kobe City celebrates 150th anniversary!

The City of Kobe's growth has traced the path of its port, which was opened to foreign trade in 1868. In 2017, on the 150th anniversary of that historic decision, numerous events relating to ports and the oceans are scheduled.

As a fine natural harbor blessed with natural advantages, the Port of Kobe has been a bustling transport hub connecting Japan to other countries since long ago, and the port has become one of the world’s leading ports for international trade.

The Techno-Ocean international convention on oceanic science and technology was held this past October. Exhibits included one of the world’s most advanced sea exploration vessels. The convention drew large crowds, as the venue offered attendees from industry, academia and government, as well as the general public, the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the oceans.

The next convention, in 2018, will be held in Kobe as a joint event with OCEANS, the international conference organized by the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society and the Marine Technology Society, both of which are oceanographic societies based in the United States.

Meanwhile, the Kobe International Port Conference will be held in February 2017, in commemoration of the port’s 150th anniversary. The event will invite port managers from sister ports and friendship harbors from across the globe, particularly from the fast-growing ASEAN region.

The tentative theme for the conference will be “Port Logistics & Perspectives in a Globalized Society.” The main topics on the agenda will include issues concerning logistics in Asia, cruises and port environments. Attendees will exchange ideas on these matters with the aim of building cooperative relationships between participating ports regarding Asia's development.

Many other commemorative events are also on the calendar for the port's 150th anniversary.

As an international port city, the City of Kobe will continue making contributions in various forms to the development of global maritime industries.

New Venue in Yokohama - Opening in spring 2020

The City of Yokohama has delightfully announced overviews and images of the new convention facility to be constructed adjacent to PACIFICO Yokohama, one of the largest convention facilities in Japan. The city plans its opening in spring of 2020.

The new multi-functional convention facility features total of ca. 43,000 square meters consisting of six levels and one underground level. The core part of the new convention facility is the multi-purpose hall featuring 6,300 square meters, which seats up to 5,900 pax in theatre style, accommodates 5,000 pax in buffet style and up to 2,300 pax for sit-down dinner. This spacious column-free carpeted hall can be divided into 8 parts according to the purpose, and is an excellent venue not only for plenary and convention but also suitable for reception and gala dinner.

Furthermore, the new convention center offers 42 meeting rooms in a variety of sizes, including 8 large meeting rooms, to accommodate any scales of international meetings.

The adjacent PACIFICO Yokohama boasts their all-in-one venue consisting of National Convention Hall with 5,000 seating capacity, Conference Center with 50 meeting rooms, Exhibition Hall of 20,000 square meters and a hotel.

The city of Yokohama aims to boost their competitiveness in international business events through the synergistic effects of adjacent two large-scale convention facilities.

For more information contact PACIFICO Yokohama - Pacific Convention Plaza Yokohama