World MICE Day 2018 - Hosted Buyer Programme

25-27 October, 2018 in Qingdao, China

World Mice Day 2018 will provide participants with unique, unprecedented networking opportunities. There are endless opportunities for delegates to connect with representatives of CVBs, decision makers, senior buyers and exhibitors from China and around the world. Be it in a relaxing atmosphere or in formal conversation, WMD helps achieving the goals.

Qingdao Pre-Inspection

In addition to the abundant business opportunities, WMD offers a great chance for hosted buyers to experience Qingdao MICE suppliers. Join the Qingdao MICE Inspection activities to explore the Qingdao business circle, experience high-quality sites and services. This is the most efficient way to connect with the Qingdao MICE suppliers.

Hosted Buyer Ice Breaker

The Hosted Buyer Ice Breaker is a perfect social occasion that WMD is offering for hosted buyers before the event officially starts. Enjoy excellent cuisine in an easy atmosphere after your long-distance travel while connect with other buyers.

Gala Dinner

The exceptional WMD gala dinner will be celebrated on the beach. After a day' s work, this big party is a must-enjoy for WMD guests. Delight in the world-class show, open bar, fantastic location, industries best and brightest from the globe ... WMD promises you an unprecedented grand gathering which could enhance your experience.

Qingdao Post-Fam Trip

The organizing committee arranged site visits for the buyers to fully experience Qingdao MICE industry resources and improve the recognition of the city. Hosting World MICE Day 2018 and the related networking and conference events will enhance the international reputation of Qingdao, but also drive the innovation of local partners to the international MICE industry.

It's your turn to take advantage of this extraordinary event! Find details and the hosted buyer application information onĀ

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