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MICE:destination Edition 1/2017

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Are you interested in Hosted Buyer Events?
Check the upcoming Events in this edition of MICE:destination

•  MICE East Africa Forum & Expo,
8-10 June 2017 
•  IMEX in Frankfurt, 16-18 May 2017
Hosted Buyer Applications for IMEX in Frankfurt are closed.


Dear Reader,

it is our pleasure to introduce the beautiful destination of Mauritius to you in this edition of MICE:destination. And even better – you are invited to apply for an extraordinary Hosted Buyer Programme to Mauritius taking place from 18 – 25 March!

And we have two more hosted buyer programmes for you in this edition:

IMEX in Frankfurt – join our hosted buyer group for 2 or 3 days. 16 – 18 May 2017.
This programme is reserved for European Buyers!
MICE East Africa Forum & Expo in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 8 – 10 June 2017

We are also introducing the beautiful city of Heidelberg, Germany for you! In Heidelberg, romance meets science… - and your group?

Don’t miss our continued coverage of the African continent! See our coverage of Meetings Africa, taking place next week in Johannesburg, South Africa for you, MICE Media Marketing will be in attendance and we will come up with an event review in our next edition!

Jens Hoffmann went to India to review International Buddhist Conclave 2016 and destination for you – see the impressions!

What’s to come next?

In our edition 2/2017 we will cover Beijing and Shanghai for you; we will review on Meetings Africa and we will look forward to IMEX in Frankfurt and to MICE East Africa Forum & Expo…


As always, you are invited to share the download link with your colleagues and friends. 

Best regards 


Hosted Buyer Programmes 2017 - Apply Now!


Dear Reader!

This year, IMEX in Frankfurt made a major step towards sustainability. This included taking the lead in shifting from a printed show catalogue to a digital one. 

The positive impact on our environment is massive from this decision, as the entire production process leading to a printed catalogue or magazine consumes so much energy, water, mineral oil and all sorts of chemical ingredients which are non-biodegradable. Then there is the transportation of ingredients’ raw materials to consider.  Not least - trees… because the show catalogue was not printed, four huge spruce trees of approximately 25 metres / 82 feet height and of a diameter of 40 cm / 15 ¾ inches were NOT cut.

If you add all the brochures that were deposited in recycling bins at IMEX, in hotel rooms, or even at the airport (overweight luggage…) there would be a nice little forest of old trees.

As you know, we don’t print – and the calculation above featured high among our reasons and choices to be a digital publication only. I am delighted to see IMEX Exhibitions getting on the same train. These decisions are not easy - my special thanks for this!

This month we’re featuring another view on the published ICCA statistics for 2016 on the association meetings. We hope you will find this useful. And talking about meetings – please see IACC’s second annual ‘Meeting Room of the Future’ white paper focussing on how younger generations influence the way of meetings.

The Korean capital Seoul has launched a new experience program support for incentive groups and Malaysia is recognizing the countries talents in our industry with the rAWr Awards – the call for nominations is out! And entries for IBTM’s 2017 Tech Watch Award are also open.

If you are heading to Peru – please check the information of the new visiting system for Machu Picchu starting on July 1, 2017.

European Cities Marketing has a new President, Executive Committee and Board Members. Stay up-to-date.

Speaking of staying up to date – IAPCO’s Edge Seminar January 2019 will be held in The Hague, Netherlands.  Mark your calendar.

As always, you’re invited to share this edition of NEWSFLASH with your colleagues. 

Best regards

Best regards

General Manager & Publisher
MICE Media Marketing