Sonntag, 24 September 2017
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MICE:destination Edition 1/2017

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•  MICE East Africa Forum & Expo,
8-10 June 2017 
•  IMEX in Frankfurt, 16-18 May 2017
Hosted Buyer Applications for IMEX in Frankfurt are closed.


Dear Reader,

it is our pleasure to introduce the beautiful destination of Mauritius to you in this edition of MICE:destination. And even better – you are invited to apply for an extraordinary Hosted Buyer Programme to Mauritius taking place from 18 – 25 March!

And we have two more hosted buyer programmes for you in this edition:

IMEX in Frankfurt – join our hosted buyer group for 2 or 3 days. 16 – 18 May 2017.
This programme is reserved for European Buyers!
MICE East Africa Forum & Expo in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 8 – 10 June 2017

We are also introducing the beautiful city of Heidelberg, Germany for you! In Heidelberg, romance meets science… - and your group?

Don’t miss our continued coverage of the African continent! See our coverage of Meetings Africa, taking place next week in Johannesburg, South Africa for you, MICE Media Marketing will be in attendance and we will come up with an event review in our next edition!

Jens Hoffmann went to India to review International Buddhist Conclave 2016 and destination for you – see the impressions!

What’s to come next?

In our edition 2/2017 we will cover Beijing and Shanghai for you; we will review on Meetings Africa and we will look forward to IMEX in Frankfurt and to MICE East Africa Forum & Expo…


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Best regards 


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NEWSFLASH September 2017

Dear Reader!

Usually the month of September is all about preparations for IMEX America and we do so this year as well. But at the same time, we’re stunned by the damage to our planet and its people that nature is causing recently. My heartfelt sympathy is out with all of those being directly or indirectly touched by the many natural catastrophes we’re seeing at the moment – the devastation caused by category 4 hurricane Harvey in Texas; hurricane Irma having literally destroyed some Caribbean Islands, the north shore of Cuba where it hit as a category 5 hurricane and now devastating Florida; and now hurricane Maria – as I am writing this made landfall on the island Dominica as a category 5 hurricane leaving devastation and is now threatening to hit the next islands on its course - a second extremely strong hit to some islands already devastated by Irma; not to forget the terrifying earthquake in Mexico with a magnitude of more than 8 – but also the horrible situation the extremely heavy monsoon season in south-east Asia has brought into this region where the massive flooding’s are much worse than those caused by Harvey and Irma.

While it is difficult to identify the impact of man-made climate change, global warming/climate change will bring more catastrophes, such as hurricanes Harvey and Irma, simply because the Atlantic waters are heating up during the hottest season in the region – and just 1 or 1.5 degrees of higher water temperature makes a huge difference in hurricane strength.

Isn’t it time to think of what we - in the sense of every single one of us – might do to help stop or at least slow down this effect? Certainly, once we think carefully about it – we’ll find some of the small things we can do to be more environmentally conscious – and most of the little changes don’t even reduce our own personal quality of life.

We’ll catch up on the impacts to our industry in the different regions touched by these catastrophes and keep you updated when information becomes available. Should you possess latest information – please share it with us!

Meanwhile, we’re bringing several hosted buyer events to your notice – you are most welcome to apply for these programmes. These include:

  • • World MICE Day in Qingdao, China, October 25 to 27
  • • MITM Americas & Cultourfair in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, November 14 to 17
  • • MICE West Africa in Accra, Ghana, November 23 to 25
      Due to technical problems, the event website on is currently unavailable. The show organizer confirmed that this issue will be fixed shortly. Hosted Buyer Application is open.

Please find the information below. You are most welcome to share this edition of Newsflash.

Best regards

General Manager & Publisher
MICE Media Marketing